Discover the new enhanced features provided in Insight V8.50 software

Full support for the new Datapaq ET3 datalogger used in the new EasyTrack3 and EasyTrack3 Professional system system ranges. (EasyTrack Insight SW V8.50 and EasyTrack Insight Professional SW V8.50)

EasyTrack Insight new features include – ET3 Logger Support, Slope Marker, Download Calibration data from ET3 logger, Auto ET3 Logger Detect, Digital QRG, Manual and Logger Tutorials, Remote Service Diagnostics tool.

EasyTrack Insight Professional – As EasyTrack Insight but also including

  • Enhanced ET3 Logger Functionality
    Multiple Run Mode – x3 Runs before download
    SmartPaq Oven run PASS / FAIL indication direct from Logger at Oven exit
  • Simple Process File Analysis alarms / Zones / Probe
  • Wizard Operation (x4) Open Paqfile, Datapaq Value Set-up, Reset, Download
  • DATAPAQ Insight software image
  • Enhanced Datapaq Value Save DPV file to Coating DPV library
  • Additional analysis Area under curve, Rise & Fall, peak difference
  • Multiple Paqfiles open simultaneously
  • Customizable Report Printing
  • Thermograph & 3D graph
  • Graph overlay x 3
  • Saved Zooms
  • Data Import

Please refer to EasyTrack3 Software Datasheet for further information.

Other general Insight V8.50 Enhancement


  • New Improved, Quicker SW Installation Program

Furnace Tracker Survey Software (New customer requested TUS enhancements)

  • Individual Stabilisation by Temperature Tolerances
  • Selected TUS Furnace Class Based upon Set Point Tolerances
  • Increased TUS Tolerance Limits
  • Show Probe Numbers in TUS Survey Summary
  • Override of TUS Extrapolation Temperature

DATAPAQ introduces version 8.50 of its Insight software in response to customer feedback. The new release adds enhancements that make the profiling of thermal processes easier and more efficient with data analysis and reporting tools designed not only to allow routine standard process validation, but also to facilitate accurate process optimization and improve its productivity and efficiency.

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